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Healthy lifestyle and high intake of nutritious food can provide good health throughout life to the humans. The poor nutrition and unawareness on the utilization of health facilities during their childhood and reproductive age are the major factors responsible for the high maternal mortality. Though government of India has been taking several efforts to improve the health status of the women, poverty, gender discrimination and illiteracy in the population are the major problems associated with the implementation of appropriate interventions. 

Undernourished girls have a greater likelihood of becoming undernourished mothers who in turn have a greater chance of giving birth to low birth weight babies, perpetuating an intergenerational cycle. This cycle can be compounded further in young mothers, especially adolescent girls who begin childbearing before they have grown and developed enough. When mothers take only short intervals between pregnancies and have many children, this can exacerbate nutrition deficits, which are then passed on to their children.

Add to this, women’s disproportionate poverty, low socio-economic status, gender discrimination and reproductive role not only expose them to various diseases, but also their accesses to and use of health services.

 The National Women’s Parliament believes that good health is a key criterion, which contributes to human wellbeing and economic growth. Adequate nutrition for women would help them to serve as productive members of the society to develop the consequent health generations. Right and proper education can have a significant influence on their nutritional status and their health. Also, definitive steps should be taken to educate women about the importance of health care for ensuring health pregnancies and safe childbirths.