Development Program

Women in Entrepreneurship

In the present era of globalization, women entrepreneurship is inevitable for economic development. Majority of women in India are economically engaged in productive but non-remunerative activities. With the increase in the number of women getting education, there is considerable awareness among women to be self-employed thus leading to change in the role of women in the society.


- G Janaki Ramachandran

Head - Academic Programme & Administration, IIM Visakhapatnam

Key Challenges

Lack of self confidence
Society’s perception of gender bias
Insufficient financial resources
Lack of family support
Lack of entrepreneurial skills
Employment security


  • Emotional / moral support
  • Don't force for private/government jobs
  • Discuss about entrepreneurship with children
  • Let girls take decisions
  • Encourage women to take part in entrepreneurship activities
  • Work with women to solve problems in community
  • Let women take risks
  • Discourage objectification of women
  • Create women entrepreneur zones like MIDC, SEZ
  • Provide tax exemptions to start-ups; Financial & Venture capital support
  • Provide skill development programmes for women
  • Entrepreneurship courses in schools and colleges