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Old women have restricted social interaction, limited earning possibilities, several medical complications, emotional isolation (in many cases even from their own children), very limited knowledge or awareness of their legal rights and natural reluctance to seek justice.

In many Indian societies, women are considered second-class citizens. They have been lagging behind in almost all walks of life for centuries. They have never been financially independent. Due to less social interaction, they even don’t know about their rights and powers. They are always dependent on male members of the family for their basis needs, even for day-to-day requirements.

Older women have more critical problem than older men. Due to social and traditional family structure, they are forced to live with many limitations. Hence they find themselves marginalized and isolated all the time. As women live longer than men, most older women have to live a life of a widow in their silver years.

Although there are many social organizations and activist working for empowering women through various mediums, and laws have also been made for protection and empowerment of women, older women lead a marginalized life and many women still live a neglected and miserable life.

National Women’s Parliament seeks to change the perception of old age in general society and support and encourage these highly admirable and respected senior ladies to exercise their rights and powers.

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Though we are the largest democracy, women in India find themselves under-represented and...

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