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India has experienced rapid growth and development in the past years in many spheres. However, the Indian development model has yet to fully incorporate the important role played by women for propelling the socio-economic growth of the country. Current governments at state and central level must understand that no nation can progress unless its women are given equal access to opportunities and adequate safety and security.

A member of the so-called “BRICS” countries, India is noted for its rapidly expanding economy. Though India has certainly grown more prosperous in the recent decades, some groups have benefited from this boom more than others. In particular, women have faced a range of structural and social barriers in fully participating in the Indian economy, which not only hinders their individual agency but also limits India’s ability to continue to modernize.


Key Challenges



  • Family should incorporate the required moral values in their children 

  • Family support required in maintaining gender equality 

  • Active participation of family needed in these events 

  • Provide monetary support to girls and make use of Government policies for educating girls

  • Society should not be under the control of technology but technology should be under the control of society

  • Citizens should have a sensible attitude towards society and protest for illegal activities    

  • Schools should support and encourage girls to participate in programs which help them to find equal footing in society 

  • Awareness about digital and sex education  

  • Government should provide pollution free environment and should focus on health schemes

  • Government should implement constructive reforms for women's sustainable development in education

  • Government should plan for such events on special days like Republic Day, Independence Day.    

  • Government can create school charter which explains all the government policies for girls    

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